Cadenced Haven is a solo musical project from Bangladesh oriented with ambient style, experimental prog/alt rock synthesized with electronic moods.
Cadenced Haven is originated in Bangladesh and has started its long lasting journey on a road strewn on the basis of influential concepts between existence & bereavement and every past second of living. Entering the world of New Age with ambient moods, Cadenced Haven hopes to reach another new level of melody with a synthesization of ambient, celtic and lounge music, sliding through a glimpse of trance to create a whole new world for the listeners. Hopefully, CH will secure a deserving place in this music world as well as in listeners’ heart.
Her debut album “PEREGRINATION” has been released from Groove Unlimited Records in Netherlands, on March, 2010. Special thanks to the guest artist featured on the album, Gert Emmens.
You can take a listen to the samples of few tracks from the album from
If you like what u hear, you are most welcome to order a copy of the record from the link above.
CH has also been involved in two collaborated albums till now with Gert Emmens, first of which has been released on April, 2011 entitled “Life In Cosmic Highway”, available from the Groove Unlimited Records in Netherlands.
The links:,
The second one is entitled “Mystic Dawn”, out in September, 2012 from Groove Unlimited Records in Netherlands as well. Available from:
Cadenced Haven is working on her solo creations on and off and hopes to come out with her second album soon showing a different mood in the record.
CH is honored to have her music being aired on several Podcasts and Live Radio shows in UK, Denmark, Germany throughout Europe and US.... namely TDFZ by Chris Newman, UK; Hawke's Chillout Sessions by Terry Hawke, UK; Sunday Synth by Bruce Gall, UK; Syndae FM by Stephan Schulz, Germany; Robocast by Ian Price, UK; Roots and Branches on Glastonbury Radio by Mark Ellis, UK; Chillion Chillout on Glastonbury Radio by Gary Croft, UK etc.
Cadenced Haven emphasizes on leaving something behind which will possess the capability to enhance the mankind into abliss of spiritual realm to realize the seventh heaven. The truth of the universe or is it the universe of truth?
Welcome to the world of Cadenced Haven. Buoyantly, you'll enjoy the ride in this new peregrination.
Copyright by Cadenced Haven

Label: Groove Unlimited
Anno pubblicazione/Released: 2010
Rarità :
Lista dei brani/Tracks list
1 Devoted Loss
2 Confronting Conscience
3 Atmosphere Of Almalgamation
4 Reversion To The Unborn
5 Path To Phenomenon
6 Virtual Reality
7 Catalysis
8 The Silent Visit
9 Conclusion
La recensione/The review
Demetrio Cutrupi